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Verdun Timeline

Inspired by this Montreal timeline from MTLBlog, I decided to do something similar for my new neighborhood of Verdun. This not about the Battle of Verdun that took place in France during the First World War.

6000 A.D. - Champlain’s sea starts to recede, exposing Verdun’s territory.

3000 A.D. - Humans start occupying Verdun on and off for a few thousand years.

1671 - Verdun is founded by Zacharie Dupuis. He named it Fief-de-Verdun after his native village of Saverdun in France.

1830 - Verdun is renamed to La Rivière Saint-Pierre.

1834 - Avenue de l’Eglise first appears in an anonymous map.

1876 - The village of Verdun is incorporated into Montreal. It becomes, again, officially named Verdun.

1879 - Avenue de l’Eglise is called Chemin de la Côte-Saint-Paul in a map.

1907 - Verdun becomes a city.

1911 to 1924 - Population triples.

1914 - Yvon Robert, professional wrestler, is born in Verdun.

1921 - George Frederick Beurling, Canada’s most decorated and successful WW2 fighter ace is born in Verdun.

1930 - Verdun is the third most populated city in Quebec with 60000 residents.

1930 - Verdun Natatorium opens. It is then the largest public swimming pool outside of Quebec and the first of its kind.

Verdun Natatorium

1931 - Verdun is 59% English-speaking.

1932 - Verdun Hospital is founded. It now employs 1600 people. It is affiliated with the Université de Montréal.

1939 - Verdun Auditorium opens.

Verdun Auditorium

1944 - Zoot-suit disturbances take place.

1954 - Verdun has a population of 80000. It is then the third largest city in Quebec. There are as much French-speakers as English-speakers.

1956 - Verdun annexes Nun’s Island.

1958 - A new city hall on Rue de Verdun is built.

1965 - Verdun becomes a partially dry neighborhood. Taverns, night clubs and cabarets are banned.

1974 - A cave-in happens under Wellington street during the construction of the extension of the green metro line. There is a sinkhole on Wellington causing the street to be closed. Shop owners report a 40% decrease in sales.

Wellington Sinkhole

1978 - LaSalle, De l’Eglise and Verdun metro stations are put into service. The green line is extended.

1979 - The Metro De l’Eglise Avenue De l’Eglise exit opens. Previously only the Wellington exit could be used.

1980 - Verdun votes 68% no” in the Quebec sovereignty referendum.

1990s - Because access to downtown was easier (because of the new metro stations), the local economy of Verdun declined. Programs were put into place to revitalize the Wellington street commercial corridor.

1992 - Verdun votes 53.66% in favor of the Charlottetown Accord.

1993 - Nirvana plays at the Verdun auditorium. The next year Kurt Cobain commits suicide.

1995 - Verdun votes again 59% no” in the second Quebec sovereignty referendum.

2002 - Montreal annexes Verdun. Verdun has 60564 residents.

2010 - Verdun announces that it plans to allow microbreweries and performance spaces to sell alcohol.

2011 - Verdun is 65% French-speaking, 21% English-speaking and 14% other.

2013 - Jean-François Parenteau, current borough mayor of Verdun, is elected.

2013 - Philippe Couillard is announced the new leader of the Parti Libéral at the Auditorium de Verdun.

2016 - Verdun has 69229 residents.

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