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SOUNDEX is one of those cool SQL function that is implemented in most database management systems.

FROM people
WHERE SOUNDEX(first_name) = SOUNDEX('Henri')

It picks up Henri, Henry and weirdly Henru.

FROM people
WHERE SOUNDEX(first_name) = SOUNDEX('Simon')

It picks up Simon, Sam, Suzanne, Sue, Susan, Suzanna, etc. It obviously picks up too much in this case.

FROM people
WHERE SOUNDEX(first_name) = SOUNDEX('Robert')

It does not do nicknames. This does not pick up Bob.

My girlfriend works in a call center. On the system she uses there is a form to search for a client. On this form there is a Name:” field. There is also a Name sounds like:” field. She uses the latter when it’s getting too awkward to ask a client for his name for the tenth time because she can’t understand the person. I’m confident that the programmers used the SOUNDEX function.

Posted on 2018-02-27   #sql     #database     #til  

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