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Provigo and Hockey

Today I learned that the Provigo grocery store on the corner of Mont-Royal Ave. and St-Urbain is on the site of the old Mont-Royal Arena. It was the home of the Canadiens hockey team from 1920 to 1926. They then moved to the Forum (before moving to Centre Molson/Bell).

The arena was destroyed by fire in 2000 and then later became a Provigo.

This is what the arena looked like when it opened in 1920.

1920 Mont-Royal Arena

This is what it looked like in 1998, two years before being destroyed.

1998 Mont-Royal Arena

This is what the site now looks like.

Mont-Royal Provigo

It’s not the only hockey-related Provigo in Montreal. There is also the Angus Shop Provigo in Rosemont. It’s on the site of the Angus Shop train factory where Maurice Richard used to work before he became a professional hockey player.

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