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Manual Focus Lenses And Focus Peaking

I recently acquired a new manual focus lens for my camera. The advantages of manual focus photography are numerous. The lenses are cheaper. If you like street photography, you can set a focus distance and never have to wait for auto-focus (just make sure you’re always taking your pictures from the same distance). Panning becomes easier. It’s great for low light conditions.

My biggest challenge with manual focus photography was that my pictures were often out of focus. My subjects would often end up blurry, even if they looked sharp on my tiny camera screen.

A great tool to fix this issue is focus peaking. It adds colored spots on the screen where the focus is.

This is how I enabled it on my Sony A5000.

Menu > Camera Settings > Peaking Level > High

Menu > Camera Settings > Peaking Color > Red

The peaking color doesn’t have to be red, it can also be yellow or white. Red is the most versatile choice.

Posted on 2018-02-13   #photography  

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