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Cutting The Chord In Canada

A powerful antenna, or maybe two.

I live between the Mont-Royal and the United States. If I had a perfect setup, I would have one antenna pointing at the Mont-Royal to get the Canadian channels and one antenna pointing at the United States to get the American channels.

To find the best direction in which to point your antenna, you should use a service such as this one. There are a few websites like this one, there are also some apps. I recommend using a real compass when positioning the antenna and not the one in your phone. Your phone’s compass is not as accurate.

There are no windows in my living room. This makes it a challenge to get any channels. If you’re in the same situation as me. There are antennas that you can put anywhere in your house or apartment that connect to your Wi-Fi.


Tablo is a digital video recorder. You need to buy a device. It acts as a TV guide. You can also record TV shows with it (even TV shows you are not currently watching). The recorded shows are saved on an external hard-drive (that you also need to buy).

Tablo Guide

It’s a good service for people coming from Bell or Videotron. It offers the same basic functionalities that a lot of people that are thinking about cutting the chord are scared of losing. Again, I’m talking about the TV guide and the ability to record shows.


I recommend using a Roku to access digital streaming services. You should install Netflix, Crackle, Plex (it also has channels), YouTube, TED, Vice and Popcornflix. It has many many more. Besides Netflix, they are all free (sometimes with ads).

You should also consider subscribing to the CanadaTV channel. It offers live streaming of CityTV, TSC, TVO - TVO Kids, CBC Télé (French), CBC English, TVA (French), ICI RDI (French), ICI Radio-Canada (French), CTV, Global, History and CHCH. It costs $2/month.

Posted on 2018-03-10

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