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Commodore 64 Returns Without Tetris

The C64 Mini is a half-sized Commodore 64 replica that will be shipped this year. It will come with a joystick. You will be able to type in BASIC commands and program your own games, just like in the 80s.

Even though it’s gonna use a HDMI cable to plug in your monitor, artificial CRT scan lines are going to be present for the added nostalgia-feel.

It is not produced by the original company (Commodore Business Machines (CBM)). It went bankrupt in 1994.

The suggested retail price is only $70 USD.

C64 Mini

The C64 Mini will come pre-packed with 64 games (listed below). Sadly not included: arguably one of the worst Tetris game ever made.

Tetris (Commodore 64) has some poor qualities and design choices.

Its best redeeming feature is its amazing title screen.

Tetris Commodore 64

Games included:

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