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Color Theory

I’ve been approaching color theory lately to satisfy my growing interest in product photography. The use of colors in media can convey emotion and meaning, it is therefore important to consider it in when photographing a product. What do you want your image to say about your product? Should a picture of a jet ski convey the meaning of safety or should it rather convey the meaning on excitement?

I’ve included below a list of colors and what they mean. I also included a small sample of companies that use the color as the primary color in their logo.


Intense, energy, danger, love, passion, excitement, boldness

Nintendo, Coca-Cola, Exxon, Lego, Target, Virgin


Power, wealth, ambition, mystery, dignity, imagination, intelligence

Yahoo!, Taco Bell, Barbie


Depth, stability, trust, tranquility, masculinity, strength

Dell, Facebook, HP, Oreo, Wal-Mart


Growth, fertility, health, safety

Tropicana, BP, John Deere, Android


Stimulation, warmth, enthusiasm, excitement, happiness, success, creativity

Amazon, Firefox, Nickelodeon, Hooters, Harley Davidson


Joy, cheerfulness, intelligence, energy

Nikon, UPS, National Geographics, IMDB, Subway



Apple, Wikipedia, Honda

As well as the actual colors, the warmness or the coolness of the color should be considered. Warm colors are active colors and cool colors are passive colors. Therefore, I think an ad for a jet ski should use warm red and orange colors. Jet ski enthusiasts, like girls, just want to have a fun.

I don’t think it’s far-fetched to say that most of the companies listed above did consider the image they want to convey when they designed their logo. I think that Wal-Mart was going for trust, that National Geographics was going for intelligence and that Nintendo was going for energy.

Posted on 2018-04-19   #photography  

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