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Cocotte Alfredo Review

I’ve had the Cocotte Alfredo bag for a few weeks now. It’s actually my second Cocotte Alfredo bag. The first one lasted me one day. The liner came apart within a few hours. I’m willing to accept I had a lemon and this won’t happen with my current one (and so far it hasn’t).

Cocotte Alfredo

Here’s a review.


It has no compartments. It doesn’t even have a laptop sleeve. There’s one big pouch and there’s a front pocket. It’s a glorified IKEA tote bag.

It has no handle. It would’ve been nice to have a handle on top so I could easily pick it up or carry it by hand in public transports. I’ve found a way around this issue, I wrap the strap around my wrist making it very short in the process.

The strap can hurt after a while if the bag contains heavy content. This is not a downside of the bag itself. It’s a downside of the messenger bag style.

The components are plastic. I expected a bit more metal for a bag at this price range.


It is sturdy. It has 3 layers of fabric. Most bags in this price range only have 2 layers.

The strap is very comfortable. Messenger bags start to hurt after a while because all the weight is only on one shoulder, this problem is mitigated on this bag thanks to the heavily padded strap.

The strap can switch side. If your left shoulder starts to hurt, wear it on your right shoulder for a while. It’s actually recommended.

It has a side strap. Because of it, it doesn’t move from side to side, or not as much, when cycling.

Its size shrinks according to its content. It can hold up to 34 liter, but most of the time it looks like a 20L bag.

It’s easy to tighten the strap. I can do it one-handed.

Cocotte Alfredo


It’s a good bag if you plan to use it for cycling. I would recommend its little brother, Fred, for a regular every day bag.

Fred is also $40 cheaper.

Posted on 2018-03-17

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