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October 2018  1 post

setHighlighted on UILabels

September 2018  1 post

TestFlight Public Links

June 2018  1 post

A Cryptic Way To Join

May 2018  4 posts

Shortfizz Toggle Soft Keyboard In iOS Emulators Vowel Counter Exiting Vim

April 2018  25 posts

ShowMoreTextView A Depressing Graph For Millennials LAX Chasseur De Bots rm Everything Baseball Programming Paradigm Color Theory Extension Tubes New Developer The Skin Of My Yellow Country Teeth tdd How To Win Friends And Influence People Principles Lea Colors With RGBA Strings Best Of Both Worlds Ruby Map Filter Reduce Safer String Comparisons Store Custom Objects In NSUserDefaults Early tmux Config UIAlertController With Text Input Template Strings Struct On The Fly Design A Nice REST API Duck Duck Go And JSON Context Everywhere

March 2018  47 posts

Presenting My Custom Warsow HUD Colors With HEX Strings How I Declare Private Variables In Objective-C Primitives To Objects And Back Prefix File Why Is didSelectRowAtIndexPath Not Being Called? Silicon Valley Season Five Debuts Tonight Get Some Rest sizeToReallyFit But to believe that getting stuff I cannot remember Animate Table Row Deletion Readtime RuneScape Word Plays With Sir #teamobjc Scan Your Website For Unused CSS Get Rid Of Storyboards My Common iOS file Cocotte Alfredo Review Lists With Section Headers on Android Dividers With Insets On Android Re-Add The View Image Button On Google Image Calculating PI My Week On The Internet Methods With Lots Of Parameters John Carmack .plan Files Exclusive Amazon Prime Members Deals Cutting The Chord In Canada Marvel Cinematic Universe Movies: Black Panther Edit Verdun Timeline Erase The Current Line In The Terminal Provigo and Hockey Animate Search Bars Up The Screen SwipeLinearLayout Creepiest Icon Pack Advice From John Carmack OAuth Into A Postgres Database On Heroku Check If A String Contains Any Character Of Another String Android And The 65K Limit Perfect Icon If True Database Data With A TTL Thanks HTTParty Random Avatars Restriction On Catalan Domains Postgres Spitting Mad JSON Meta And Metum

February 2018  45 posts

How I Blog SOUNDEX Emojis Everywhere Debate Settled Style Your Website With ASCII Are Those Names Nicknames? List Github SSH Keys My Microservices Architecture Palindrome Duck Typing Rules I Don’t Like On StandardJS Chromecast Audio Recursive Acronyms In The Computer World Since When Are Squirrels Synonym Of Updates? Personal Rankings Of Vonnegut’s Novels Pasta Code Best Named Project On Github technologies-i-dont-like Remap Caps Lock To Control An Opiniated Objective-C Style Guide Nevermore Firefox Tab Master Turing Tar-pit my only gripe with xmlhttprequest Connect To Postgres With Node Manual Focus Lenses And Focus Peaking Get Rid Of Null Checks With Null Objects Delete Files With Special Character Names 0 Devices Supported Fancy Trick For DBMS With No Bool Support Reddit JSON Optimal Stopping And Your Love Life Nothing Makes Sense Anymore Expressly Set Up An Express Server Default Styling Of iOS Views The Lie That Is Else If Emojis In Git Commit Messages Where Did I Park, Google? The Mysterious T Square Operator Things And Data Part 2 Bang Bang Bash The Many Ways To Declare Private Methods In Ruby Linters Things And Data How Reddit Does Data

January 2018  35 posts

Movies With An Intermission Ruby Cheatsheet Facebook Analytics Knows A Lot Did Google Steal The Name Go? The Ghetto Way To Keep Your Heroku App Awake Where Some Programming Languages Got Their Names Refactor Freely, Use A Facade Bitcoin Transactions Quick Typo Fix In Bash Data Clump flipSign Tiny Tetris Stop Comma-leading What Goes Up The Legacy Of The ADM-3A Terminal self-destruct Commodore 64 Returns Without Tetris Bash Aliases With Arguments Dactyl: An Open-sourced Keyboard Autoboxed Integer Reference Comparisons Underscores In Numbers How Unique Is A UUID? Host A React App On Amazon S3 Host A Rails API On Heroku The Execution Operator A Song Shuffling Algorithm Proposal Marvel Cinematic Universe Movies The Exponentiation Operator Host A Vue.js App On Amazon S3 Why My Computer Is Slow sleepsort 2 letter tld’s are reserved for countries The Pipeline Operator this.win = window Move Back And Forth 2 Directories